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Company Overview

Vision Mission and Values

  • Offering extraordinary customer service to our clients.
  • Keep insurance relevant, meaningful & cost effective.
  • Train and develop employees.
  • Challenge the insurance market for enhanced, creative & affordable insurance solutions.
  • Continuously educating our clients

Khanyisa means: to share the light, light up; bring the light; illuminate; enlighten. Re gantsetsa batho ba rona. s Our insurance offering, serves to shed light on how best for you to understand your risks (the possibility of loss or damage to your valued assets) and to illuminate the pathways open to you on how best to control and to transfer those exposures to the insurance markets.

But more so, ‘Khanyisa’ has been born out of a progressive and enlightened value system by highly experienced insurance/ reinsurance practitioners, recognising the need for an improved understanding/ education and supply of insurance-services in a developing and emerging South Africa and for us to facilitate industry sector transformation, to build skills and to empower.

Khanyisa Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd is presently based in Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa, and is an independent (BEE) South African insurance broker providing advisory and intermediary services in the insurance (risk transfer) sector.”

Our Products

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Long-term insurance is insurance that covers major life-changing events, such as death, retirement and disability. Long term insurance includes life and funeral insurances that provides for your family in times of need. It also includes retirement annuities short-term and long-term Insurance, to provide you with either an income upon retirement or a lump sum payment on the date on which your policy matures.

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Short term insurance is the insurance you take out on your personal assets such as your car, your house and your household contents. Businesses also require cover for their buildings, office equipment, plant and machinery etc. The purpose of short-term insurance is to indemnify you against losses that you may suffer as a result of events such as accidents, crime, floods or fire and to place you in the same position you were before to the unforeseen event.

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Engineering insurance refers to providing economic safeguard against the high risks involved in the construction process and the numerous accidental faults and errors which encompass it. Let our highly skilled and trained staff who understand the needs of our clients enlighten you about your Contractors Insurance and Guarantee needs

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Agricultural insurance protects the farmer against loss of or damage to crops or livestock. It is a valuable business risk management tool that provides farmers with financial protection against production losses caused by natural perils, such as drought, excessive moisture, hail, frost, wind

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